Why Flowers?

Why Flowers

So this is a question I get asked really often and I am sure it is something you have thought about too. Why not portraits, or landscapes or still life….why always flowers?

Firstly I haven’t always only painted flowers and I am not saying that I will from now on ONLY ever paint flowers. The painting below “Time Out with Rosie” is a large portrait of my daughter when she was young. It was painted for a previous exhibition and it still hangs in my home. I just couldn’t sell it!

‘Time out with Rosie’ 100cm x 100cm

So why flowers for now?

Those of you who followed my Paintings in the post series (more info about that HERE) will know that flowers were a repeated theme in the series. Actually way more than half of those little paintings I documented were of flowers in my home. The significance of this was not lost on me. I enjoy beautiful things even in the simplest of forms, for example a single bloom or greenery brought in from the garden. At the time, I even painted and documented weeds that I thought looked beautiful. I also realized that so often when I had something to say… or celebrate… or grieve… or simply wanted to feel joyful, flowers were my go-to-thing! I’d love to know what your go-to-thing is so please pop it in the comments below. Maybe its a chilled glass of wine, or a good Gin and Tonic (I’ll join you) or maybe you enjoy long walks or meals with your special people? But I digress (as usual my brain is spinning on a tangent) and perhaps it’s best I keep my thoughts on this for another post…


So this is what I recently shared in an interview when the “Why flowers?” question was asked.

The significance of flowers in our daily lives (most certainly mine) is immeasurable as expressions of emotions that are often too complicated to express in words. We use flowers to celebrate life, death, marriage, birth, apology and appreciation. We use them to celebrate the somber and the joyful and have adapted them into something decorative, an ode to beauty. The semiotics of flowers can be traced through to ancient times. The simple bloom has become a metaphor for the abstract and a symbol of reproduction, birth, life, death, decay and rebirth. Flowers are a celebration of life and a way of expressing our most vulnerable reactions to it. Through flowers we can express that which we find hard or complicated to say.

I unashamedly pay tribute to all that I find beautiful in life, not only flowers. But I hope this gives you some understanding into why flowers in particular have become the focus of my work for a while now. If you still have any questions please pop it the comments below (along with telling me your go-to-thing)  and I will be happy to answer!


I hope you too like to find beauty, even in small places…and if you’re here and follow what I do, I’m thinking that finding beauty and learning to stop and ‘smell the roses’ is something you place importance on too! If you would like to stay in touch please sign up to receive my monthly NEWSLETTER I have so many things I want to share with you, so don’t miss out!

If you have read my ramblings this far…THANK YOU…here are some flowers from my studio to your home…with love!


This painting is available in my online SHOP.



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  1. Marihet on Dec 15, 2018 at 10:54 pm

    Dear Heidi, I love your art and style. Thank you for sharing your beautiful work and talent with us. Greetings from Klerksdorp. ❤

    • Heidi Shedlock on Dec 16, 2018 at 9:49 am

      Thank you so much, Marihet! I really appreciate your interest in my work! Greetings and love to you too from a very hot Durban!

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