Paintings in the Post #916

Paintings in the post 916

I am sending blessings your way for a prosperous, happy and healthy 2022. May it be rich in both love and laughter in equal measure! 

What is a celebration without flowers…and of course champagne? So two of my favourite things today. Any occasion that needs to be celebrated needs flowers and champagne and while I’m not one for big new year resolutions, I am big on celebrating the big and small things! There is always something to be grateful for and to celebrate if you live with gratitude in your heart. So after the end of 2021 in my studio came to an abrupt and unexpected halt thanks to Covid, I’m starting this year celebrating being back in my creative space, grateful for recovery and healing for me and my family and ready to hit the refresh button on a new year!

May we all find lots to be grateful for and to celebrate this year!

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