Paintings in the Post #906 Camellia

Paintings in the post 906 camellia

I’m enjoying the last of the winter Camellias in my garden. They actually originate from Asia and I’m not sure it’s really cold enough in Durban for them but I’m grateful for my abundantly flowering shrub.

They are known as the ‘Queen of winter flowers’ and for good reason! They bring such a beautiful pop of colour to my winter garden and remind me so much of beautiful peonies. I saw a beautiful soft ice-cream pink, frilly petaled variety in our local garden store but when I looked at the price tag…OOPS! Well let’s just say I would have had to bury the price tag along with the roots and my credit card for fear of the husband finding out! HA..he actually would never have even noticed…hehehe… but I did think it was rather crazy! I didn’t realize they had such a price tag. I’m going to treasure my one winter flowering shrub even more. 
And…I’ll share it with you too!

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