Paintings in the Post #905 Strawberries

Paintings in the post 905

Something a little different from my garden this week for my little painting study. I posted the photo below on Instagram stories and asked if anyone could guess what I would be painting from my garden. Only a few said “Strawberries” but I’ll forgive those of you that thought it would be flowers because we all know what a flower lover I am. But I’m also super excited to see strawberries in flower and growing, Spring is upon us! 

This little study took me a little longer than usual but I thoroughly enjoyed the mediative process of observing and adjusting that takes place. I loose myself completely in my little paint box. It’s a very mediative process. These little studies are like exercise for my artists brain and eye, constantly observing shape, colour and form. An athlete would never run without training his muscles and body so moments of keen observation give me, as an artist, confidence to explore and confidently create form and interesting marks in larger work. 

I filmed a time-lapse of me painting this and will share it on my Instagram feed in the coming week if it interests you to see..keep a look out!

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