Paintings in the Post #904 Poppies

Paintings in the post 904 poppies

I have POPPIES growing in my garden. I’m sorry if this is starting to sound like the garden diaries but since my love for flowers inspires most of my work, sharing the bounties of my garden is exciting…especially when we have POPPIES!  

I’ve never grown poppies before. I read a tip that for warmer climates (and boy are we warm even though Spring is not yet here) that you should pop your seeds into your refrigerator for a month before planting as they germinate best after a colder season. Not sure if that does the trick but I’m loving having these bright bouncing blooms in the garden. This one opened up so quickly once I cut it for the studio. Within minutes it looked like a big orange hibiscus, so I think I will leave them in the garden to enjoy! 

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