Paintings in the Post #903

paintings in the post 903 protea

A bunch of proteas currently in my studio were actually, for once, not purchased as a muse for me. Although I couldn’t help but steal some time with them for a little paint study in my paint box. 

They were actually purchased for my daughter who is currently in her final year of school and working on her final Visual Art project. She is going on, like my son, to study Design next year. But these proteas are not just being used for painting or drawing. The exploration and ideas that young children studying Visual Art are exposed to now is mind-blowing and I am so excited watching her! I obviously can’t say what she is up to in preparation for her final exam, but I will say this….
So often when people hear that both of my children are creative, their first response is to comment on how lucky my children are to have my creative influence. I want to set the record straight. While yes they have grown up in a creative home, I actually learn way more from them on a daily basis. The uninhibited freedom with which young people create, is so inspiring. They teach me constantly about how to just got for it, try something new and constantly be learning with FREEDOM and EXCITEMENT and WONDER!

Picasso was so right when he said “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up”

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