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Well since I last shared a Paintings in the Post, here in South Africa we have gone back into level 4 lockdown. Damn Covid. While I definitely don’t want to get into any debate about vaccines,  masks, lockdowns and all the other heated debates that go around (they have me feeling rather exhausted), I do want to give a shout out to all the small businesses that have been so badly affected by the ongoing struggle thanks to Covid!

So many people lately have commented on the ridiculously high cost of flowers. I empathize. I know they are a luxury. The flower industry has been particularly hard hit for so many reasons that I won’t go into. But I do want to urge you, if you can, to support a local grower by buying JUST ONE small bunch of flowers…it keeps them being able to grow, employ their staff and hopefully make it through this hard time. Many of the flower growers I know, grow more than just flowers, but your food too. Buy just one bunch of flowers and then split the bunch as I have done here into two or even three smaller bunches in smaller vases. That way you get to enjoy just one bunch in a few rooms. This is a divided bunch that is filling my entrance, kitchen and studio with JOY…3 x the beauty from just one bunch.

Support a small local business if you can…you are making the world of difference to someone trying to keep their business and their employees afloat. This too shall pass….at least that’s what my granny would say!

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