Paintings in the post #896 Rose in a shot glass

#896 copy

A little Iceberg rose in a shot glass…
It’s been freezing cold in Durban…well as freezing cold as Durban ever gets. Durban winter wear can often be a thin woolen item over your summer dress! But we have had snow on the KZN Drakensberg mountains which means a beautiful unusual cold spell. Durbanites are pulling out every scarf, pair of boots and jacket that we own and never get to wear! This is my best studio weather…my studio is the coziest place to be!

It does mean however that the last of the garden roses have had to be picked. They often continue to flower until pruning time in July because the winter weather is still quite warm at the coast. But they won’t like this cold (nor do most Durbanites), so little shot glasses and small vases of iceberg roses (the only roses still blooming) are scattered throughout the house…studio included.

Perfect little painting studies and I really need my eye and painting intuition fine tuned as I’ve been working on some more abstract pieces for clients.

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  1. Marietjie Badenhorst on Jun 6, 2021 at 9:20 am

    Is this little one still available?
    If yes, how much please?

    • Heidi Shedlock on Jun 6, 2021 at 9:32 am

      Hi I have just sent you a message via Facebook in reply to your message with details. It is available. Thanks for the interest!

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