Paintings in the Post #895 Green Protea

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I was recently given a thank you gift in the form of the most gorgeous bunch of proteas! More like an armful of proteas and fynbos. The bunch was so abundant! The scent of fresh fynbos is like no other…it just smells like South Africa to me…as does the bush, a weekend braai, grasses and fresh sweet dung (it doesn’t actually smell terrible at first) but I digress from beautiful things…

Tucked in the middle of the beautiful bunch and providing striking contrast to the familiar pink variety, was a beautiful green protea known as Protea Coronata.

What a treat! While they may be more abundant in the Cape, in Durban we don’t often see them so I thought I would capture its beauty before the bunch fades. This yellow green petal with hairy tipped rich dark edges is just so striking!

I wanted to share it with you… 

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