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This week I was  moved by a post written by an amazing creative that I follow on Instagram, Katie Davis. I shared my thoughts on her post across my social media platforms but the message is too important to me to not share it here too.

Katie spoke about things that delight her soul, what simple (and beautiful) things inspire her most and asked the question, “What brings you joy?”

So I too ask you… “What brings you JOY?”

I spent the most part of that day, while I painted,  pondering over what brought me joy. I realized there are little things like a gentle breeze, warm sun in Winter, a hug, flowers, the smell of a rose, beautiful skies, laughter, paint, holding someones’s hand…and SO many little things that give me joy. I realized too that so often when I am having a bad day or going through a tough time, I was less inclined to notice those small things that give me joy.

There were also big things that give me joy like the love I pour into my business in return gives me great joy. By this I am not meaning success and any aspirations for success, I am referring to the joy I get in being able to create with my hands something that brings happiness to me and hopefully to someone else too. Joy at being able to share what I do with others and share in the wonderful things that others do/make/create. Joy in the connections that I have been able to make through what I do. And of course the part of my life which I pour the most part of my love, heart and soul into, my family. Nothing gives me greater joy than my children. The joy I get from being a Mum simply can’t be measured.

So why am I telling you this, because you really don’t need to be bored with my soppy emotional ramblings on what gives ME joy. I share with you because as I pondered over this topic, I realized a few things. Sometimes we have to try find the joy and then we realize it was there all along. We have an abundance of JOY in our lives, especially in the small things. This does not mean that we always feel joyful, however it is in the times that we are feeling low that we need to actively seek all those things that delight our soul and give us joy. In doing so we encourage a feeling of gratitude. We also slow down when we stop to look at the seemingly small things that have the potential to make us happy. The saying “stop and smell the roses” never seemed more apt! Taking time to find things that fill your heart with joy and gratitude is like a balm for the soul! There is always something that can bring you JOY, some days we just need to take a moment to look for it!

So I ask you again…what gives you JOY?

Happy soulful pondering….

Creative wishes, joy and gratitude to you all


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  1. Jane Bedford on Mar 10, 2019 at 3:03 pm

    I enjoyed your sentiments as that is exactly how I FEEL too. I am never lonely as there is so much JOY to be found in many aspects of our daily lives… finding it… giving it and receiving it.
    Thank you for your tangible positive and sensitive attitude.

    • Heidi Shedlock on Mar 14, 2019 at 4:50 pm

      Thank YOU Jane for taking the time to read the post, there certainly is so much JOY to be found in the everyday!

  2. Carol Smit on Feb 5, 2020 at 12:09 pm

    Thankyou looking forward to your blog . I admire your paintings

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