Creative New Year resolutions, do you make them?

Blog post Jan 2019

It seems a bit strange two weeks into the new year to be wishing you “Happy New Year”. But with the best intentions and since this is the first blogpost of the year, I do hope that 2019 is kind and gentle and prosperous for you in every way.

As we move over from one year to the next, I often hear people saying “Cant wait to see the back of this year…” or “2018 was an awful year…” and then as the new year rolls in so do the new year resolutions. Have you set any creative/personal resolutions for 2019? Well if you have I want to share my thoughts with you so that you can hopefully avoid disappointment and maybe even the “2019 was such an awful year” feeling in twelve months time.

Let’s just get something straight before I begin. I’m not saying that horrible,  disappointing and unplanned things don’t come my way and that every year is a bed of roses! Of course it is not but I do believe that through every trial there is a lesson. There is an opportunity for improvement and motivation to do so often comes from these times of trial.

2018 sent some pretty challenging things my way and quite frankly it was a hard year. But in saying that, I learnt so much. I grew stronger than I thought I could be. I was pushed further than I would have let myself go and made decisions (that have been THE best thing I did) which I definitely wouldn’t have made had these trials not presented themselves. Sometimes we don’t know how brave we can be until we have to be brave! Creativity NEEDS bravery. So instead of kissing 2018 goodbye with a kick up the butt, I kissed it goodbye with gratitude for all the things I was taking into the new year that had made me braver, stronger, more resilient ….yip anything positive was packed into my backpack ready to travel into 2019 with me. No negative vibes packed in at all. I felt nothing but gratitude for the trials that had helped me grow. You know how the saying goes…the wolf you feed is the one that wins. If you have never heard this saying, you must read…

I made a conscious effort to decide what I wanted to take into the new year with me, which wolf I was going to feed. This brings me onto resolutions. I have let myself down so often with resolutions that come from that New Year desire for a fresh start. Setting resolutions without intention will just set you up for disappointment. How often haven’t you set a resolution and two weeks into the new year you’re still thinking…”I AM going to get started…” which of course you never do, right?

Well instead of making random resolutions, I look at what I have started or learnt from the previous year and how that can be carried into the next year to help me achieve some reachable goals, with thought on HOW I am going to do this. It’s not something that BOOM hits me on the 1st January and I’m suddenly going to do it!

I am not saying that if you have never run a marathon that you cannot achieve it if this is your 2019 resolution. But what motivated you the previous year to want to run a marathon and HOW are you going to do this? What steps will you take, what things do you need to put in place or do differently to help you get there? Chances are if you simply wake up on the 1st January and think you are going to run 10 km (if running has not been your thing) you are just setting yourself up for disappointment! Without intentional decision making you will probably loose steam a week into trying to run and that will be your resolution out the window before January is up. For the record, I’m definitely not taking up running just in case nightmarish images were flashing before your eyes of me pounding the pavements!

Another thing is, why do we have to set a resolution at the beginning of the year? It is lovely to have a fresh start and new ideas and planning to look forward to but why can’t that fresh start happen at any time of the year….if that’s what you need? We should set new intentions at any point in the year if we start feeding the wrong wolf!

So I don’t have any resolutions that began on the stroke of 12 on the 1st January 2019. But I do have big dreams for this year. I do have plans and I have thoughts (they may change) on HOW I can make these things possible and what I need to do or change in order for dreams to become realities. I do know that I have a whole lot of things from 2018 that I am keeping and building on in 2019. I did leave a lot behind in 2018, with gratitude for what it taught me, but ready to move on. Most importantly I’m up for making changes to any of these plans without waiting for the 1st January 2020. Especially if I start to feed the wrong wolf or if life throws some curveballs…which it will, it always does!

If you’re feeling like your resolutions are already falling by the wayside and disappointment looms…take a quick moment to think.

-HOW can I achieve this?

-What needs to be put in place or changed in order for this to happen?

-What do I already know or have that can help me?

AND…most importantly make an intentional change WHENEVER you need it. When life throws you a curveball (which it will even though it is “2019 which will be the best year yet”)…don’t wait for 1st January 2020, just do it! Fresh starts can happen any time of the year!

Do you have big plans or dreams that you are busy putting in place? I’d love to hear about them in the comments below. You may just inspire someone else to make a change too!

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Creative wishes,  joy and gratitude to you all


P.S. I sound SO serious! I promise not all posts will be like this although I will occasionally share my thoughts with you. These are just that…MY THOUGHTS and everyone is free to have their own thoughts too…my word is not law or how it has to be for you but rather how it is for me…right now. Maybe it will inspire you, if not thanks for reading anyway. So on a lighter note there are SO many other things I want to share. Like my favourite creative books, tips from my studio, home projects, other artists/designers that inspire me and so much more…but I would LOVE to know what YOU would like to hear from me. So pop me a message below and tell me, thanks!

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  1. Denise Ansell on Mar 29, 2019 at 2:52 pm

    Thank you so much for a fun, creative and inspiring workshop, Heidi. I hadn’t picked up a paintbrush for art purposes since I was twelve.

    • Heidi Shedlock on Jun 6, 2019 at 9:43 am

      Such a pleasure, thank you for joining me! And keep painting!!!

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