Heidi Shedlock

After almost 20 years of teaching in-person art classes and creative workshops, I have been wanting to explore how I might reach and help a broader creative community. The answer:  Creative Community Studio

It’s an online, monthly membership with unlimited access to all classes and content (think Netflix for art) for as long as you are a member. 


Membership includes access to a private Facebook group where you’ll be able to interact with our creative community, view all saved lessons and resources, participate in live events (or watch them later), and share your own work and ideas. 


You can cancel your membership at any time, but I hope you stick around to be part of this supportive and fun community! I look forward to inviting you into my studio to share tips and guidance based not only on years of teaching experience, but also my experience as a working artist.

My intention is to help you

  • Understand the creative process and learn ways to replenish your own creative ‘soul tank’.

  • Explore a variety of techniques, materials and ideas to expand and develop not only your knowledge but also YOUR OWN INDIVIDUAL creativity and style.

  • Find inspiration through living artists, art history and books that should be on every artist’s bookshelf.

  • Develop a community of people who build you up and encourage your journey!

What can you expect from your membership?

Weekly lessons covering a variety of topics. Some will be pre-recorded and shared to the Facebook group, others presented via Facebook Live. All lessons are saved for later or repeat viewing. All live lessons will be saved for later viewing. 


Weekly Zoom paint parties with me. Bring what you’re working on and let’s be creative together! I vary the time to fit a variety of schedules/time zones.


Regular, informal live sessions via the Facebook group. These sessions will include quick demos, Q&A’s etc (all saved for catch-up viewing too).


Monthly book club. Each month we explore a book that is too inspiring not to share!


Regular creative challenges for those who want to participate.


The supportive, private, Community Facebook group where you can share work, ask for feedback or guidance and just generally connect with other like-minded creatives who have your back and want you to succeed!

This is for you if...

  • You’ve always wanted to attend one of my art classes or workshops but you don’t have the financial means to do so. For the cost of one in-person art class, you will get access to FOUR lessons/month, informal demos, a supportive community and WAY more!


  • You have an unpredictable schedule and can’t commit to a regular class or perhaps work full time and really want a way to explore your creativity after hours. With your membership, you can access the lessons and interact with the online community on your own time and at your own pace.


  • Social distancing is keeping you at home more and you’d love a way to connect with other creatives and inject some fresh energy into your own art.


  • You are tired of just copying pictures or need a fresh way into your painting or drawing. I will not be teaching you to paint like me, but rather giving you tools to make your own process more fun, interesting and fulfilling.


  • You have always felt too self conscious, introverted or ‘not good enough’ to attend in-person workshops. I am a natural introvert who works hard at this so I understand this completely. No art police here and you can interact as or when you want to…obviously the more you join in, the more you will benefit.


  • You have always wanted to be more creative but don’t know where to start! Start here…CREATIVITY IS FOR EVERYONE!

How to sign up

  • 1 Click on the "Subscribe Now" button below.
  • 2 You will be directed to the Payfast website to pay.
  • 3 Once your payment is Processed, please wait to come back to the Thank You Page here.
  • 4 Subscribe to the mailing list on the Thank You Page.
  • 5 Join the Facebook Group after Subscribing.