Paintings in the Post #909

Painting in the post 909

I love a little interiors painting. I don’t often paint them but do love them. A little interior painting leaves me feeling like I might be a fly on the wall, observing. It gets me wondering “What just happened here?” or “What is about to happen?”  In Covid lockdown an amazing British interiors artist on…

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Paintings in the Post #908

Paintings in the post 908

Two weeks ago it was Andrew and my 22nd wedding anniversary and my Mum gave me a beautiful bunch of roses. These same roses are still in full bloom although the heads are pretty full and heavy and I suspect they are about to drop petals soon. So like many little memorable moments in my…

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Paintings in the Post #907

These strawberries were saved from the monkeys. The monkeys have been feasting on all the new Spring shoots in the garden and while I don’t begrudge them food, I’ve been pretty irritated because they can be so destructive too. We’ve had to try monkey-proof as much as possible in the hopes that they will feast…

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