Paintings in the Post #906 Camellia

Paintings in the post 906 camellia

I’m enjoying the last of the winter Camellias in my garden. They actually originate from Asia and I’m not sure it’s really cold enough in Durban for them but I’m grateful for my abundantly flowering shrub. They are known as the ‘Queen of winter flowers’ and for good reason! They bring such a beautiful pop…

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Paintings in the Post #905 Strawberries

Paintings in the post 905

Something a little different from my garden this week for my little painting study. I posted the photo below on Instagram stories and asked if anyone could guess what I would be painting from my garden. Only a few said “Strawberries” but I’ll forgive those of you that thought it would be flowers because we…

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Paintings in the Post #904 Poppies

Paintings in the post 904 poppies

I have POPPIES growing in my garden. I’m sorry if this is starting to sound like the garden diaries but since my love for flowers inspires most of my work, sharing the bounties of my garden is exciting…especially when we have POPPIES!   I’ve never grown poppies before. I read a tip that for warmer climates…

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Paintings in the Post #903

paintings in the post 903 protea

A bunch of proteas currently in my studio were actually, for once, not purchased as a muse for me. Although I couldn’t help but steal some time with them for a little paint study in my paint box.  They were actually purchased for my daughter who is currently in her final year of school and…

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