Thoughts from my studio

Find your JOY!

This week I was  moved by a post written by an amazing creative that I follow on Instagram, Katie Davis. I shared my thoughts on her post across my social media platforms but the message is too important to me to not share it here too. Katie spoke about things that delight her soul, what…

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Creative New Year resolutions, do you make them?

It seems a bit strange two weeks into the new year to be wishing you “Happy New Year”. But with the best intentions and since this is the first blogpost of the year, I do hope that 2019 is kind and gentle and prosperous for you in every way. As we move over from one…

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Why Flowers?

So this is a question I get asked really often and I am sure it is something you have thought about too. Why not portraits, or landscapes or still life….why always flowers? Firstly I haven’t always only painted flowers and I am not saying that I will from now on ONLY ever paint flowers. The…

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